divendres, 15 de maig de 2015

My english competence in 2015

My best post this year maybe has been the one I did this third term about Polution, maybe it hasn't been the longest one, but I did a reflection about our situation and our reaction against it. I also said some things to improve oure situation and reduce polution which is one of the biggest problems  if it's not the biggest one nowadays. Maybe it hasn't been the longest composition I have done during the hole year, but I haven't done mucch free posts about things that aren't sports, and is a topic that I had never talked about appart from a news from last term. I gave my opinion and tried to give some example of what to do to improve our situation.


My english progress

With this post my objective is to see my improvement from my first post or the posts during the whole course with the ones of this year. First thing I see is they where a little bit shorter or similar, however the biggest diference I find is the use of connectors, this year I have started using more connectors in my compositions, wi¡hich is really good, because last year I only used the mostcommon ones. I would also add that I have improved on my fluence, and also about the topics, this year I've talked about different topics, but last year most of them where about sports. Maybe one of the biggest improvments is the use of prepositions, I still doing some mistakes but I have solved some of them, which is really positive.

About the oral presentations, I don't have any of them recorded but I'll try to analize my improvement. A thing I still having to improve are my nerves, when I have to speak I get really nervous, but I think this is not important because it can be solved. Talking about improvement, I think I have improved on my fluence and also my pronunciation, which can still iproving, and I'll try to improve it as much as I can. An aspect in which I have aso improve a little bit is my body language, last year I was with my hands in my pockets, or without knowing what to do with them, and this year I have started moving them and knowing what to do with them. Las year was like I have no arms, but ith time I start improving, and I hope to keep doing it.

diumenge, 10 de maig de 2015

Rosberg Poleman

Yesterday Rosberg achieved his first pole position of the season, after four races, in this for races his team mate Hamilton has beated him in the qualification and in the races. Both of them want to fight for the title, now the difference between them is of 27 points, but Nico will fight to catch Lewis. After achieving it Rosberg said he needed it, and was the first step to reach the victory. Barcelona's track has a high average of winers who start from the pole, so Rosberg has lots of options to achieve it. Ferrari has also evolved the car, but they are third after Mercedes and a little bit far frm them.

In my opinion Rosberg is a good driver, but Hamilton is better than him and is the one I think will win the title. I think Rorberg will win the race at Barcelona, but he won't win the championship, because Hamilton will do it. This season races are more interesting, because Ferrari have improved a lot and now are fighting for the victory in some races. I hope Vettel could win more races this season, because hes really good, and ferrari is my favourite car and team.



Barcelona closer to the title

FC Barcelona won yesterday 2-0 against Real Sociedad, thanks to Neymar and Pedro. At the end of the first time the match was 0-0, but at the begining of the second half  Neymar scored and then Pedro at the end. Real Sociedad keeper, Rulli did a fantastic match and with his saves evited Barcelona to score more goals. Barcelona changed a litle bit the line up compared with the Champions match, the changes were: Adriano, Xavi, Bartra and Rafinha.


Barcelona is doing a perfect competition and they have nearly achieved their goal of wining the league, because they only need a win with two matches remaining, because yesterday Madrid drawed against Valencia 2-2. In my opinion Luis Enrique has done a fantastic job this season and now he is fighting to achieve Champions  la Liga and the Cup, I hope he is able to achieve it, because he and the hole team deserve it.




The ten sexiest male birds

Here they analize ten of the sexiest male birds, and talk about their appearence and what they do. I won't talk about all of them, I will only talk about some of them. The Club-winged manakin lives at the Andean cloud forests, and creates sounds by using his wing feathers to atract the females. The feathers act as a resonating chamber and amplify the volume of the sound. The Dark-eyed junco habits North America, and have sense of smell, which is really strange in birds. Their smell comes from the oil they use to protect their feathers.


In my opinion birds are amazing, they are extremly beautiful and have lots of misterys. I would like to be a bird for a day and be able to fly free without caring about nothing. In my opinion most of the birds that appeared at this new are sexy but there are some like the Long-wattled umbrellabird which is a little bit ugly, but the majority that appear are very beautiful.




dissabte, 9 de maig de 2015

Lebron James leads Cleveland Cavaliers

This days at NBA are being playd the playoffs for the title, one of the matches is Chicago Bulls of Pau Gasol against the Cleveland Cavaliers of Lebron James. Chicago won the first match, but on the second Lebron did a fantastic match leading his team to the victory and put the 1-1 on the series. He scored 33 points, and catched 8 rebounds. The match finished 106-91in favour of Cleveland. Pau Gasol scored 21 points and catched 10 rebounds in first match, but on the second one just scored 11.


In my opinion Lebron is one of the best players of the NBA, and he scores the difference during matches, like he did against Chicago. This serie will be really difficult, because Cleveland has a really good team with Kevin Love and Irving, but Chicago also have good players apart from Gasol, for example Noah or Rose. I don't have a favourite team, but if has to win one of them, I prefer that Gasol wins, because he is Catalan.


Giro d'Italia 2015: Richie Porte to lead Team Sky squad

The australian will lead team sky at Giro, which starts today, he will be the leader of a team of nine cyclists, without any british one. After winin Giro del Trentino, Paris-Nice and Volta Catalunya, he will try to win Giro d'Italia. Giro is his main goal of the year, but it will have lots of avsences, like Nairo Quintana or Nivali, who will compete in Tour de France, like his team mate Chris Froome.


In my opinion he's really strong this season, but it will be difficult to win the Giro, because he will have to compete against Contador, who I think is the favourite, and I hope he will win the Giro. Porte's team is a really strong one, maybe the strongest one, what's strange is that there isn't any british one, and more knowing that the team is british.